A contemporary light fitting for local Interior Designer Sammy Wickins

We were recently commissioned by local interior designer Sammy Wickins to make a bespoke contemporary light fitting for a private residential property in Bath.  The suspended ceiling light was wired with spotlights and designed to hold a collection of candles.  It was hard to visualise how it would look in context but Sammy very kindly emailed us this image of the installation which looks great!

Here’s what she said: “There are not many suppliers that have really exceeded my expectations but Ironart did just that with the fabrication of a bespoke light fitting that I had to create for a residential project in Bath.  From the initial meeting with the (very rough) drawings Andy guided me through the creation of this wonderful light fitting converting my rough ideas into his scaled technical drawing.  A dual electrical feed (one for the low-voltage lights under the light and the other for the candle bulbs on the top of the light) meant that this fitting was not a straight forward design but with Andy’s experience the process was plain sailing and the finished result is better than I had imagined.  Thank you Andy and your hard working team for your help and I look forward to working with you soon again in the future.” Sammy Wickins, SW Design  April 2012   www.sammywickins.com


Contemporary light fitting for Sammy Wickins, Interior Designer, Bath

Contemporary light fitting for Sammy Wickins, Interior Designer, Bath


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