Blacksmithing for children at Swainswick Explorers

The Ironart team have joined forces with Swainswick Explorers to offer blacksmithing tuition to groups of children from the ‘Valley Schools’ on the east side of Bath. Our collaboration forms part of the Valley Added initiative. 

We held the first of our children’s blacksmithing sessions up at Swainswick Explorers today. The rain disappeared, the sun came out and we had a fab time!  Swainswick Explorers is the most amazing outdoor play venue overlooking a steep valley on the edge of Bath, it was set up by husband and wife team Edward and Rachel Leigh-Wood. Ironart’s Martin Smith worked side by side with Robert and Carol Smith to give six children the chance to forge their own coat hooks which they then fixed to rustic larch wood panels to take home with them. The smiles said it all.



One thought on “Blacksmithing for children at Swainswick Explorers

  1. We have a working shop at our Abbey here in the hills if Northwestern Connecticut. We do a variety of projects from artistic to practical and over the last 30 years we have been able to offer experiences in blacksmithing to many of our guests. The last five years we are experiencing many young persons looking for this hands on experience. Our steady students run from 9 to 17 and learn forge to power tools. It is great to see them develop and for many young persons this experience enhances their overall development , gifts and pride in themselves as we as respect for matter and collaboration. I am so glad to discover your site and what you are doing to keep the craft alive and growing. Thank you. In Christ, Sr. Anastasia

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