Supporting Heritage Skills with the Princes Trust

Gareth Cryer developing his Heritage Skills with The Princes Foundation Building Craft Programme.

Gareth Cryer, one of the newest blacksmiths to join our team has been lucky enough to be part of the Princes Foundation Building Craft Programme over the last 8 months. The programme involved a 3-month live-build at Dumfries House in Scotland with a team of other craftspeople including stonemasons, carpenters, bricklayers, thatchers and blacksmiths who were all developing their heritage skills. As part of the programme, Gareth had placements at forges across the UK including his time with us at Ironart. We are as active as we can be in fostering these types of placement supporting and developing people with the craft. In running this programme, The Princes Foundation is doing great work to develop crafts professional’s skills in the UK and enable better building practice and conservation of heritage sites across the country. We are really keen to support this kind of enterprise.  Congratulations, to Gareth for completing this inspirational programme. We look forward to welcoming Jeremy Cash, our latest placement from the foundation, this November. See below some images of the projects Gareth worked on the programme.

Quality assured: Ironart achieves BS EN 1090 accreditation

EN1090 CERTIFICATEIronart has successfully completed the rigorous assessment process required to achieve EN1090 accreditation, the European Legislation which came into effect in July 2014 requiring producers and suppliers of structural metalwork to carry  CE Marking (Conformité Européene) . In the UK the legislation is also being enforced by the Trading Standards Authority.

CE Marking demonstrates that Ironart’s products and services comply with essential requirements under the European Construction Products Directive – including health, safety and environmental protection legislation. It also means that our products can be legally placed on the market here in the UK and across the EU.

As such all our structural metalwork now carries the CE Mark – either stamped or affixed onto the steel itself or where this isn’t practical, with all relevant CE documents supplied –  proving the highest quality and ensuring total confidence from our client’s perspective.

Andy Thearle of Ironart said:  “Embarking on the CE Marking process has been a significant undertaking for us here at Ironart and a substantial investment for the future. The entire Ironart team worked hard to ensure that all the requirements for certification were met. This has resulted in a streamlining of  our systems from initial client contact through to project signoff. We are very proud to have achieved the qualification, which I know will stand us in good stead for the future.”