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Classic Rose Arch

Do you know that we create all sorts of different designs for garden furniture and garden structures that you can buy from our on-line shop?

Arches, gazebos, pergolas, garden seats, well and pond covers or more bespoke items like fruit cages or even unique sculptures. You can browse all the different types of structures that are available or search for inspiration to help with your garden design via our website

Wrought iron arches, gazebos and pergolas are perfect as an elegant feature to frame a view, create a feature and as an integral part of the design of your garden. The solid construction of our garden arches will support climbing roses and plants and offer durability and strength for a lifetime. 

We supply all metal garden structures in sections which easily bolt together using discreet halving joins. They can either be pushed into the ground or set into a solid base.

The Ironart team are a mix of highly skilled metalworkers and blacksmiths, a number of whom graduated from art college before embarking on a career in metalworking.  If you are thinking of commissioning a piece of garden sculpture, we’d love to hear from you. If you have an idea in mind and don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, please get in touch as we’d be happy to help with ideas. Almost anything is possible!

Georgian Canopy Projects

One of our canopy projects in Bristol installed and complete

We have been working on some different Georgian canopy projects. The first is an unusual project. We’ve had parts of a Georgian Canopy in store for a few years, they had been languishing in the basement of a local charity The St John’s Trust and Ironart agreed to store it with a view to selling it on behalf of the charity to anyone that might have a use for it. A client in Devizes who is building a new house using all reclaimed materials is now using the columns and balustrading to create a feature balcony, we are adapting these lovely old pieces to fit this new project. The original pieces are in amazing condition with virtually no corrosion or rust, no doubt having been previously well maintained and then being stored at St John’s. There have also been debates in the workshop about how the Georgian ironworkers created such beautifully neat leaded half-lap joints with invisible seams. 

The second project is from Sion Hill, Clifton in Bristol. We are repairing and restoring a large mid-Victorian balcony and canopy from this property. The original ironwork was created between 1845 and 1873. The canopy was in varying states of degradation because of its location with a perfect view overlooking Clifton suspension bridge but in full receipt of the weather from Clifton Gorge for the last 170 years. Now it has been removed and taken back to our workshop, all the paint has been stripped off revealing stamps of Abadaire Ironworks where it was originally fabricated.

It is a beautifully constructed piece, immaculately created and with perfectly fitting joints. The tenons that fit into the stanchion uprights have an incredibly accurate tight fit which impressed the team working on them. Many of the lead flower details and the cross-sections they sit on need replacing necessitating the creation of moulds of the original flowers in order to make perfect copies. Foot details have also needed replacing, this has been done using reclaimed wrought iron forged to match the originals.

And the third canopy project that we have just completed after 2 years in storage is a beautiful Georgian porch structure that we removed and restored in Bristol in 2018. This is the same property that we created an enormous new canopy structure for in the same year.  It is great to see this wonderful project finally complete!


We have been increasingly busy making more and more canopy and porch structures. Here are a few from last year. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like us to come and quote. As you can see they come in all shapes and sizes from lighter weight zinc skinned hoods to five-ton behemoths! Needless to say, suiting a wide range of budgets.


A totally unique door canopy

Andy designed this unique canopy for a house on Lansdown in Bath. The intersecting design was inspired by a pretty arts and crafts style stained glass panel above the door. The metalwork was finished in lichen and cream paint, and incorporated glass panels to give shelter while affording the maximum light to the door. If you love this and would like a bespoke solution to offer shelter from the elements over your own door – please get in touch.

Glass and metal canopy Lansdown (3)Glass and metal canopy Lansdown (2)Glass and metal canopy Lansdown (1)Detail (1) Detail (2)


A porch with a lead roof – Charlcombe, Bath

Porches can make all the difference to the entrance of a house, beautifully illustrated by the ‘before and after’ photos posted here. We have made heaps and heaps of these canopy/porch structures over the years, many of which can be seen here on our website.  Follow this link to take you there.

If you think your house would benefit from a porch or canopy over the entrance, and want something that will stand the test of time and make you smile every time you look at it, give us a call or email us for more info.

Charlcombe porch before

Porch with lead canopy, Bath

Porch with lead canopy, Bath


A canopy for Simon Morray-Jones Architects

We created a beautiful canopy for an historic private property near Lacock, this time for local architects Simon Morray-Jones, Bath. The canopy incorporated some large  reclaimed cast iron decorative columns, mild steel, wood and glass. If you are interested in commissioning a canopy for your property, please get in touch.

Canopy 4 Canopy 3 Canopy 2 Canopy 1


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