The Tented Dining Pavilion

Yorke Arms Dining pavilion (6)

One of Ironart’s most exciting projects in recent years. A beautiful tented dining pavilion, created for Bill & Frances Atkins at The Yorke Arms near Harrogate.  The Yorke Arms is a prestigious venue –  nationally recognized as one of the UK’s top Restaurant with Rooms. Chef/Proprietor Frances Atkins and her talented team have held a Michelin Star since 2003.

The dining pavilion was designed by Andy Thearle at Ironart, it comprises of a sculptural, galvanized mild steel gazebo frame, designed to stand bare in the winter as an eye-catching focal point in the garden. In summer the addition of a weatherproof, fire-resistant canvas cover transforms the struture into a breathtaking tented dining room with an integral table that comfortably seats eight. A domed canopy over an open fire in the centre of the table creates a unique and intimate atmosphere.

If you would like more information, or are interested in commissioning one of these structures please give us a call to discuss. Please click on the images below to enlarge them.




A unique trophy commission!

And now for something completely different!

We were asked to make a unique trophy for the Bath Boules Tournament 2013 in honour of the Star Wars actor Richard LeParmentier who died in America earlier this year. Richard had been a long-term supporter of the Bath Boules Tournament. It just so happens that Martin knows quite a lot about Star Wars and he did a great job of constructing the trophy. Richard played Admiral Motti in the first Star Wars Film in which he was mentally strangled to death by DarthVadar with the words…”I think your lack of faith disturbing”!

The trophy represents the ‘Death star destroying Alderon (Princess Leah’s home planet)… apparently!


IMG_0063 IMG_0067

The Meadow gate – back from galvanizing…

The meadow gate came back from the firm of galvanizers that we use last week.  It looks incredible and they have done a great job of retaining the detail which can sometimes be a problem.

Here are some pics – feast your eyes!


The Meadow gate, galvanized

The Meadow gate, galvanized


The Meadow Gate

We are currently making a truly unique, contemporary gate for a couple who live on the outskirts of Bath. So much of what we make in and around Bath is based on heritage designs and every now and then we are commissioned to design something fresh and exciting and full of organic shapes,  that fires the imagination of everyone in the workshop.

The Meadow Gate is a stunning 4.5 metre wide sliding gate which will be constructed using a combination of traditional forgework and modern techniques. Andy’s design was inspired by the rural setting of the house and incorporates bulrushes, poppies, buttercups, snowdrops, blue-eyed grass, two butterflies a caterpillar and a snail.

Here are some pictures of the Ironart team – mostly Jim, Woody and James – at work on the Meadow gate in the Ironart workshop this week. We’ll post some more as the project progresses.


Ironart in the Bath Chronicle

The Ironart team were featured in the Bath Chronicle last week with some publicity surrounding the new World Heritage Sculpture that we made for BANES. Follow this link to read all about the sculpture – previously featured on the Ironart blog.

The Ironart team in the Bath Chronicle, April 2012

The Ironart team in the Bath Chronicle, April 2012

All systems go for Malvern Spring Show 2011

The workshop is always a hive of activity, but Andy and the team have gone into overdrive in the last two weeks preparing for Malvern Spring Gardening Show 2011. This year our stand is on Row3  right in the middle of the showground, and this year we’re taking some very exciting new products to showcase the team’s talents!

Jim has been relishing the opportunity to design and build something completely out of the ordinary – a giant 2.4m wide asymmetric arch which will grace the front of the stand. The inspiration from this piece was a bespoke garden trellis we recently created for a private roof garden in London. Everyone who passed through the workshop loved the natural curving scrolls and intricate flower detailing on the supports while that commission was in production, so we have taken elements of the design and incorporated them on a very grand scale in this wrought iron arch.

We’ll be planting it up at Malvern Spring Flower Show with purple and white wisteria, honeysuckle and blue clematis which are generously on loan to us from Marcel at Floyds Climbers, to give an impression of how it will look in an established garden.  The rest of the stand will be planted with a cottage garden profusion of foxgloves, delphiniums, old pink roses, jasmine, aquilegia, strawberries, thyme and lavender – which all came from the awesome Downside Nurseries in Westwood near Bath…..we cannot WAIT to see it all coming together on Wednesday. Fingers crossed it all works out.