Masterclass with Dom, James and Ted

This short film  is a masterclass in finial making. It shows three guys in the Ironart workshop, working together to batch out a large quantity of ‘Bath’ style finials for a new development on the edge of town. Dominic West heats the bars in the gas forge, then tapers the ends of each bar using the power hammer, he uses dividers to check the length of each taper. James Cuthbertson then forms the profile of each finial using the hydraulic press with a forming tool in it, then he works on the fly press putting chisel lines into each one. Finally, after they have been linished to remove the scale and ensure a square point, Ted Powles visually checks each one for straightness, any last adjustments are made using a copper hammer on a straightening block. Enjoy.

Link to the Ironart Youtube channel

Link to the Ironart Youtube channel

Ted Powles - Ironart Ltd March 14 (6)


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