Restoration of a traditionally made gate

Ironart of Bath - gate restoration service

Ironart of Bath - gate restoration service

This beautiful wrought iron gate came in for repair, everyone in the workshop has been admiring the design, detail and workmanship on it – and it’s a classic example of traditionally made ironwork.

The gate was badly in need of restoration – there were multiple paint layers, rust corrosion and organic lichen growth, a broken lock box, broken fixings, missing scrolls and sections where the wrought iron had ‘blown’. Despite this, much of the gate was in good working order and well worth restoring.

Jason used various techniques to clean it up, he forged new scrolls to match with existing, and created a new sliding bolt mechanism. The gate was finished with a specialist paint system to give optimum resistence to future corrosion. It’s deeply satisfying to see the results that can be achieved in this type of metalwork restoration project.

If you have a rusty old gate that you think it is worth preserving for the future – please give us a call on 01225 311 273 or email us some images for a restoration quote because we’d love to help.



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