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Metal Casement Window Restoration

Windows are often referred to as the ‘eyes’ of a historic building and the retention and repair of historic windows is important to the maintenance of any period property.

The good news is that metal windows are nearly always capable of repair. Common problems include distortion, excessive layers of paint, failed hinges and fittings and rust. Historic wrought iron and cast iron windows will not be galvanised, and therefore the risk of corrosion if exposed to water is common. Where corrosion occurs, the metal expands, and this can lead to cracked glass and split masonry at fixing points. However, if regularly maintained and protected against exposure to water through a suitable coating, metal windows can last for centuries. For an interesting arcticle on the history of metal windows follow this link to the Building Conservation Website.

The team at Ironart can repair and restore cast iron and traditional Blacksmith-made casements ( pre ‘Crittall’ style) and other windows. This is a specialist skill and and we are well used to making sympathetic and meticulous repairs to historic ironwork and cast iron. If you are unsure where to start, please get in touch because we’d love to help.

Please note we do not undertake repairs to ‘Crittall’ style windows. For repairs or replacement of this type of window, there are numerous companies who can be found online, who specialise in this sort of work.