Staircase balustrade for Ken Biggs Contractors Ltd

A while ago we were commissioned by Ken Biggs Contractors Ltd of Bath to design and build a cast iron balustrade and stair rail for a large country house in Tockington near Bristol. We finished installing the metalwork in August and while we’re waiting for the final pictures of the full installation, thought we’d post some of the interesting work-in-progress shots. We were delighted to be commissioned to carry out this prestigious project. The architect responsible was George Perris for Lewis Foster Lewis Architects, Thornbury

Andy Colbourne of Ken Biggs said of Ironart’s work: ” Ironart did an excellent job with the Tockington Project. The work is of exceptional quality and looks an absolute treat. Everyone involved with the project, the client, the architect and all contractors were really, really happy with it.”  Ken Biggs Contractors Ltd,  High Street High Littleton BRISTOL BS39 6HP  01761 470743


Cast iron balustrade - part way through the installation

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  1. We are currently building a bespoke house and would like you to look at the staircase balustrade.


    Cotswold Homes Ltd

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