Claverton Pumping Station range restoration

The restoration team here at Ironart have just reinstated a lovely cast iron range inside the Claverton Pumping Station for the Canal & River Trust. The range is a ‘Galdac Gem’ and was classed as a ‘portable’ freestanding stove, even though it takes a great deal of manpower to shift it! Ironart’s Martin Smith – who heads up our restoration team here – estimates that the range was made in the 1830’s as it pre-dates the registration mark system of of 1842.

Claverton Pumping Station was built in 1813 and is a fascinating example of local engineering history and well worth a visit if you are ever in the Bath area. The pump was in working order until two years ago and is currently undergoing a major restoration of it’s own. The Trust aim to have it up and running again by the end of 2015. The pump uses the power of the River Avon to lift water up 48ft into the Kennet and Avon Canal above. As their website states: “Burning no fuel and making no waste it is the ultimate in environmentally friendly technology”.  WATCH a Youtube video of the Pumping Station here.

The Trust believe that this cast iron range was located over the road in a cottage which was built at a slightly later date to accommodate the pumping station operators. We think that the range predates the cottage, and we’re assuming that it originally came from the pumping station workshop or kitchen. The Ironart team had to disassemble over 80 individual parts to repair. The Canal and River Trust acquired it and then obtained a grant to fully restore it.  Martin Smith, Paul Ashmore and NADFAS Restoration Bursary Intern Cecilie Robinson all worked on this restoration project which took the best part of two weeks to complete. The only part of the range that was missing was the ashpan which the team made new, faithfully following the design of a similar range we had seen. The Canal and River Trust now hope to have the range in full working order. Once the the flue, registration plate and bespoke firebricks are installed and connected they fully intend to use it!


Cast iron kitchen range restoration

Martin recently did a great job of restoring a lovely old cast iron kitchen range in a property in Larkhall, Bath. He had to remodel some of the broken sections to replace missing detail, and create an entirely new grate which was broken and missing.

Too many of these lovely cast iron ranges are missing from period houses. If you have one they can really enhance a property, make a very attractive feature and are well worth restoring. If you would like an idea of cost and are not sure where to start, please take some photographs and send them to us for some advice because it’s highly likely we can help.

Range & fireplace restoration

We’re currently restoring a cast iron kitchen range and fireplace for a client who lives in Larkhall, Bath.

Martin has had a challenging time piecing together the broken sections and taking moulds of the detail to recreate missing elements of the range. This range is the second of it’s type that we have restored in recent years, the makers name is John Denman, Bath. Martin had to create a new grate using mild steel which we’ll then send off for re-casting. He used plaster and Silastic to recreate the detail. Here are a selection of images of Martin carrying out the restoration work.

If you have an antique kitchen range in your period property, they are well worth restoring. If you would like some advice on what it might cost to restore your cast iron range, please get in touch.