Ironart in Antique Collecting magazine

Garden antiques expert James Rylands writes in detail about Coalbrookdale garden furniture in the July/August issue of Antique Collecting magazine – an interesting article that’s well worth a read if you can lay  your hands on a copy. The magazine is published by the Antique Collector’s Club 01394 389 950 We were approached by the magazine to offer advice on the restoration of Coalbrookdale furniture and Ironart’s Martin Smith is quoted in the article.  James Rylands been involved in antiques from 1979 when he joined Sotheby’s. In 1986  he set up the Garden Statuary department in Sothebys Sussex. He is the co-author of a book on garden ornaments and the founder of Summers Place Auctions in West Sussex, which specialises in garden statuary.

For more information on the restoration of antique cast iron furniture, please take a look at the Restoration area on our website, where you’ll find a portfolio of commissions. If you have any questions or want some advice about restoration, please get in touch.



A Coalbrookedale Lily of the Valley Bench Restoration

Ironart’s cast iron restoration specialist Martin Smith recently restored a beautiful Coalbrookedale Lily of the Valley bench which looked rather in need of some TLC!

We have restored and repaired quite a portfolio of valuable (and just much-loved) antique cast iron benches over the past few years (details are on the Ironart website) and always relish this type of project – there’s nothing quite as satisfying as bringing a beautiful historic object back to life and ensuring it’s preserved for future generations to enjoy.