Allium Gates in Summer

Well, June has come and gone and we did manage to get back to a few of the gardens where we’ve recently installed ironwork – just to see how it’s all looking with the gardens in full flower.  In Doynton, the Allium Gates are settling in particularly well – a fitting reflection of the idea of ‘bounteousness’ that inspired them – and hopefully fulfilling their chief purpose of keeping that muntjac out …


A pretty garden gate

Some pictures of a pretty single garden gate with scrolls, buns and collaring detail. This one was made by the Ironart team for a house in Pulteney Gardens, Bath. So much garden ironwork is painted black, which was the fashion in the post war 1950’s era – it’s always a welcome relief to see metalwork painted in appealing, light colours!

Pulteney Gardens Gate (1) Pulteney Gardens Gate (2)