Traditionally made Courtyard gates, Oxfordshire

We were recently  approached to design and make a set of gates for a substantial 18th Century property in Oxfordshire. Required for the property’s courtyard, the gates were to be made in the traditional manner with their design reflecting the style of the front gates.  Made of mild steel, the gates featured mortice and tenon joints, individually hand forged finials and fire welded rings, as well as traditionally made snub-ended scrolls. To finish, the gates were thermal zinc sprayed and painted.  We’ll post photos of these stunning gates in situ soon.

Snub ended scroll work detail


Rings in situ

Traditional mortise & tenon joint

Gates laid out in workshop

Gates laid out in workshop prior to zinc spraying









Simon fire-welds the ring detail

Simon fire welds the rings – all 48 of them! – see more below …

Fire welding rings 2 Fire welding rings 5Fire welding rings 4

In the workshop today…

The Ironart workshop has been humming to the tune of gas forges, grinders, sanders, drills, punches and lathes…. all to the pulsing back-beat of the power hammer! The whole place is a hive of heat, creativity and energy – most of which is being poured into two sets of gates on the go at the moment.

Here are some images of Jason hard at work on the gas forge realising a set of impressive gates for a private customer in Kent. Enjoy!