The Bathwick Hill Gazebo

It seemed like the end of an era when the Ironart Gazebo (or Pergola – depending on who you speak to!) was disassembled and taken off the Bathwick Hill roundabout last week. It’s been in situ for two years. So many people have commented to Andy and the team that they liked it, and it certainly added drama to the elegant backdrop of  Georgian houses and St Mary’s Church. 

The Bath Chronicle wrote a some editorial about the gazebo coming down, and we were delighted to learn that the American Museum will be exhibiting on the roundabout to publicise forthcoming exhibitions. Happily we were contacted by a member of the public almost immediately after the article was published who wanted to buy the Bathwick Hill gazebo for their private garden just outside Bath.  We want to say a HUGE thank you to the BANES Parks & Green Spaces department for doing such a beautiful job of enhancing the gazebo with beautiful planting throughout the seasons, and to everyone who gave us positive feedback – we’re glad you enjoyed it!

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