Bespoke brass shutter bars

Martin made these bespoke brass shutter bars for a large Georgian house in Scotland. This was a fiddly project – but the finished results look amazing.

We don’t have any photos of them in situ, but will blog them when they come through our client. If you are interested in talking to us about shutter bars we have made plenty over the years, so please get in touch.



Replica glazed fanlight

Our restoration specialist Martin Smith and NADFAS apprentice Cecilie Robinson made this beautiful replica glazed fanlight a few weeks ago for a Georgian terraced house on Prior Park Buildings in Bath. Martin matched his design to a photograph he had been given of an existing glazed lantern from the terrace. If your house used to have a glazed fanlight above the door and you would like us to match to a historic design, we’ll happily give you some advice and a no-obligation quote so please get in touch. Please note we also restore and repair historic metalwork items like this.