Ironart at The Yorke Arms

We are over the moon that Bill and Frances Atkins are using Ironart garden furniture at The Yorke Arms.

The Yorke Arms is a world-reknowned ‘restaurant with rooms’ set in the jaw-droppingly beautiful Nidderdale Valley near Harrogate. We could write superlatives about our own wondrous eating experiences  at the Yorke Arms over the years but you probably wouldn’t believe us… so we’ve pasted some excerpts from some well known broadsheet food critics to do the job instead.

“Afterwards we take coffee with the chef/patron, as impressive as she is no-nonsense. Frances Atkins worked in Kensington in London, but found it poncey. She declares herself happier pottering about her organic vegetable garden, plucking raspberries to make jam. “In the kitchen we fight whenever the hens lay, the eggs are so good,” she says with a laugh. When I ask about her training she looks bemused; she is entirely self-taught. How many other holders of a Michelin star can claim that?”  Jasper Gerrard, 2008 The Telegraph

“Such was the quality of [Frances Atkins] cooking that the only sounds to be heard in the dining room (walnut tables, oak dresser, sub-Cézanne abstracts, seagrass flooring: all charming in a farmhousey way) should have been merry cooing and gushing. But the British diner is a tremulous beast; and while the Whispering Quotient peaked at a comparatively modest 57 per cent, it was still intimidatingly high. Atkins is one of a growing band of female cooks with a Michelin star, although why she just has the one is beyond me. Perhaps it is the reluctance of her warm and quietly expert staff to drive the punters mad with the obtrusive fussing that seems to delight the inspectors?”  Matthew Norman, 2011 The Telegraph 

Happily for us Bill and Frances Atkins have recently added a new courtyard dining area to the Yorke Arms with four stunning new bedrooms. Andy travelled to Yorkshire to make and fit a new wrought iron external staircase in the new extension. The Ironart seating collection looks fantastic in such a prestigious venue, and we are very grateful to Bill and Frances for all their support to date.

If you enjoy good food… eat at the Yorke Arms because it is quite simply in a class of it’s own. If you have never been there, don’t waste another second dining anywhere else in the north of England – you won’t regret it!

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