St George’s Dragon gets a makeover

We have just finished restoring a highly unusual gilt weathervane. St George’s is the parish church of Easton in Gordano, in the deanery of Portishead. At the top of the church spire overlooking the Severn Bridge sits a majestic gilt dragon with a bright red mouth. Andy and the team here at Ironart were briefed to remove, refurbish and refit the dragon weathervane, with repairs also to the spire and the supply of new ‘Cardinal points’ (that’s the North, South, East and West letters below the weathervane).

The team here at Ironart were also asked to ensure the dragon was fixed securely in place with a locking  mechanism to stop him being lifted off in the strong sea winds that buffet the church spire throughout the year.

We entrusted Frome-based expert gilder Krysta Brooks with the task of restoring the characterful dragon to his former glory – and she did a truly wonderful job as the pictures attest. (Krysta also restores giltwood furniture, frames and antiques and can be contacted on 01373 461413).

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